Living in Spain? You can contact us for solving your needs and problems with your garden . We are Professional Gardeners committed to creating beautiful, environmentally sustainable, outdoor spaces.
We can do the Maintenance of your garden : Seasonal/ Perennial Displays, Re-seeding, Edging,  Turfing,  Feeding,  Scarifying,  Mowing, Pruning , Planting, Lawn Care,  Tree care, Hedge trimming,  Mulching, Irrigation, Fertilisations, Pests and diseases…We can also provide you the correct plants, soils and mulches for Spanish Climate.
We also offer you occassional services for your garden, so we can help you in the hardest garden works.
And if you need a Garden  Designer for creating or renovating your garden , we can work with you to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle . With create Unique Designs with  a sense of style and visual impact .We develop Contemporary,  Classical or Functional gardens. We provide you Landscape plans, 3D layout presentation, Photoshop Images and Planting Schemes for your home.
  • SUSTAINABLE GARDENS IN SPAIN: We practice sustainable gardening in all our designs including drought tolerant planting schemes and low water consumption irrigation. Rigth Plant in Right Place¡
  • VERTICAL WALLS: Innovative gardening, for indoor and outdoor
  • GREEN ROOFS : Beautiful Gardens on the top of your building , with the safest technology
If you wish additional information about our services, please, send us an e-mail: info@lianajardines.es